August 3, 2017

What do you do when you are bored?

What do you do when you are bored? Well.. I love making pretty simple things when I am bored like be it a simple stamped pattern, be it a simple doodle or just anything simple! I really enjoy myself being simple. 

Last few days was really gloomy and I really don't have any energy or mojo to do anything creative. We were in grief and was very sad because of the demise of my dad. It's been a year already and I still feel that the incident happened yesterday. I badly badly miss him. Things were alright when he was here :(

Going to cemetery, visiting my dad's grave and his first memorial service all pushed me into great grief and that grief lead me to a kind of depression and that depression lead me to boredom and lack of energy. I do not know how to explain but those who faced and went through all this will definitely understand my situation.

To kill that boredom and get back to my daily routine, I started making cards with simple designs! And also I doodled a little, I will show you the full project in the next post. 

I started by stamping the pattern on white card stocks in Sweet Sixteen and Pixie Dust Inks and Tiara and Tiki Torch Inks. For creating the pattern I used Circle and Floral stamps from The Perfect Reason Stamp Set and sentiment is from You Did It stamp set.

I stapled the sentiment strips for some interest and embellished the cards with sequins. I hope you like the cards, please do not hesitate to do simple things once in a while or when you are bored like me. Making simple things is the best medicine for depression. Keep doing! Good Luck <3


  1. So sorry about your dad. I wish I could say that it gets better with time, but I think we always miss our loved ones and we each find some way to cope with our sadness. I'm glad you found your crafting inspiration. Great projects. Hugs, Keti

  2. Aww.. Deepti, I wish I could hug you! You are an inspiration to me, I love your cards and your dad would be so proud of his daughter for inspiring ppl like me. Sending you lots of love!

  3. So sorry about your dad but I'm glad crafting has helped you out of your depression. Huge virtual hugs to you.

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