May 5, 2012

Celebrating a National Scrapbook Day..

Perfect Sentiments Challenges celebrating a National Scrapbook day with a weekend blog hop..

I'm at my mom's place and I dont have enough supplies here.. So I made a few cards using limited supplies.. Really feeling bad about this.. Really not that easy to make with very limited supplies..  But some how I managed to do the cards..  Please excuse me cos they are not that good..

Here is my card for Jennipher..

Challenge: Create a card with scripture as the sentiment
Twist: Let the sentiment be the focus of your card

I bought everything from a local store.. Sentiment is handwritten..

Secondly.. I made for Abby

Challenge: Use black and white.. Ribbon, twine..

Here is my card..

Thirdly for Maggie..

Challenge:  Create a card using the sentiment Thinking of you
Twist : Use red, yellow and green combinations

Finally for Tabitha..

ok guys.. see u after a week.. I didn't want to miss the chance thats im into this.. Hope u all understand.. 

Have Fun;)