June 17, 2020


Hello everyone! How are you doing? So much bad and bad things are happening in this world at the moment. I'm getting depressed and frightened at the current situations going on right now. We can't do anything, but we can pray and wish for a better and peacefulness in the world.

My daily routine has changed completely and I'm literally working hard and making my mind to get on track. Sickness, illness, cruelty and many bad things in the world are literally making me depressed, sad and frightened. I didn't like the way my town is, my state is, my country is and my world is. Where ever I go I see only the eyes filled with fear and insecurity. I don't know when this is going to end but we are all suffering, especially the poor, migrant workers and animals. This has to stop but when? Only God knows the answer.

I know many of you are bored staying at home. Apart from talking about bad and depressing things, let's concentrate on our inner peace. Divert yourselves, create a hobby and make it a lifestyle. This lockdown is the right time for you to become a new 'you'. So watch and take care in every step you make and everything you do.

I may sound happy in the video but it is just for the screen! I hope you like it. And I'll see you soon :)

June 13, 2020


Hello everyone! Welcome back. Today's post is not about a card but it's all about making flowers with Sizzix Peony Thinlit Dies. The card stock is from Sizzix and for the die-cutting process I used Sizzix BigShot Express Machine.

I proudly placed the flowers on my kitchen counter top. I have also a video with a step by step instructions, I hope you like it. Enjoy! :)