April 29, 2012

Stencil & Stencil

I made this wall hanging frame for my sister.. Soon she is going to have a baby.. So excited and thrilled cos it's the first little one going to enter our lives.. :) So happy.. Well.. I'm moving to my mom's place tomorrow and I want to surprise my sister by giving this frame as a Mother's Day gift.. :)

Anyway, The stencil, actually I downloaded the image from the internet and I took a print out and I used craft knife to remove the dark shaded areas.. Here is the stencil...

I used black marker to fill in the areas which I cut out previously.. And the result is.....
ooooo.. I'm so excited.. Well.. Here it is..

 How's it??? Cute huh??

Hahaha.. Gone crazy with the flowers again.. Just added the glitter to the roses and the pearls are from Itsy Bitsy..

The polka dot paper is from Itsy Bitsy.. I used pink satin ribbon for hanging.. I used a page protector to cover the image.. :)

Hope you all like it..
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1. BGC #7

Ok frds!! I'll be back to this blog world in July 1st week.. Really miss my craft room.. :( Miss you guys!!
Have Fun ;)


Back again...
I made this card for 'Perfect Sentiment Challenge_PSC29'.. The challenge is to make a card using the below sketch..

And here is my card..

Ohh.. Monochromatic!! I'm so in love with this monochromatic cards :D.. Took two shades of yellow and just stamped and added the glitter...

Have Fun ;)

Pastel Card

Got time to make a few cards today.. and this card is a Pastel Card.. I have a pastel set at my mom's home and I don't have one here rt now.. So I used the makeup kit (which I'm not using anyway) and the cotton ear buds to make this Pastel Card..

I added some glitter too.. :) The sentiment is from Krafter's Kart..
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Have Fun ;)

April 25, 2012

Fantastic News!!

I really have a fantastic news for you..
1. I'm posting this at 3:10am
2. I took 2 hrs to make this card
3. And this is the real fantastic news.. Yay!! I learned how to make Roses... Yay!! again..

Hmm.. Can you go out without a handbag?? I really cant.. I always wanted to have a little handbag.. I have only big ones.. but I have a little one which I always keep in my cupboard cos its a gift from my beloved!!

I have drawn a template using compass, ruler and ofcourse a pencil.. Then I cut out the thing using scissors and paper knife.. 

I wrapped the handle with the ribbon and I used tiny hearts to cover the border..

            I made these roses and the leaves are hand drawn and I added some paper glitter.. pretty huh??

Finally I punched out the butterflies and added some glitter.. The patterned paper is from ITSY BITSY..
Sentiment is from Krafter's Kart...
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April 24, 2012

Earth Tones

I made this card for Dream Valley Challenges_Earth Tones and Crazy 4 Challenges_C4C133  I used the colors of natural earth i.e., brown, orange, green..

Orange, brown and black papers are from my stash.. I have torn the orange and brown papers and distressed them and I layered them.. The green color card (I love that color), flowers are from ITSY BITSY.. The sentiment is from Krafter's Kart..

Have Fun..;)

Doodle Card!!

I want to share with you a card which I made using only a black marker and Camel Wax Crayons.. I can say that, this is a completely Child's Card cos its full of doodling.. I love doodling and I always do.. :)

Everything  is hand drawn and the sentiment is hand written..
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Have Fun ;)

April 23, 2012

Hii everyone..
Today is a very quick post and i'm not entering this in any challenge..

I'm making these flowers like a crazy.. Really gone mad :D.. Well.. that white shimmer paper, dragonflies, little pearls on the flowers and the lavender color paper are from ITSY BITSY.. The card base and the golden thread are from my stash.. Sentiment is handwritten..  

Have Fun..;)

April 21, 2012

Hello everyone...
Im so happy today cos I received my gifts from ITSY BITSY.. Yes! I won the challenge, Beyond Grey Challenges.. Here you can see my goodies..

Ooo.. Really beautiful.. Thanks a lot BCG and Itsy Bitsy..


CAS-ual Fridays_CFC49  sketch..

I came up with this card..

Very simple rt? The sentiment is from Krafter's Kart..

Have Fun..

Thoughts of You

I made this monochromatic card for Perfect sentiments challenge_PSC28.. I took 2 shades of pink and stamped on it and just added the glitter.. Very simple card!!

Have Fun..

The Play Date Cafe PDCC128

PDCC128 has a great color combo.. Flemingo pink+Bright orange.. Oohoo.. what a nice color story!!

Here is my card!!

Hope you are all having fun.. Take care..

April 20, 2012

Christmas in April

In this hot hot summer just imagine the weather of winter.. So cold and it soothes our soul.. Yeah! I made a Christmas card in the month of April :D.. I was in the mood of Christmas  while making this card.

Ok!! I used the same technique which I used for the card Spring

Unfortunately.. and unknowingly I have deleted that post (Spring) .. I'm such a dork.. Well! I used cello bag  to cover the front of the card.. I used silver gel pen and I have drawn the trees, mountains, snowfall and stars.. I'm a bit disappointed about the spring card.. :(
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April 18, 2012

An Altered Photo Frame

Hey friends!!
I found a photo frame while cleaning the house.. and I altered it.. :)

Hows it?? hehehe.. Well.. I took a blue color handmade paper and took the pearl colors metallic peach, metallic green and metallic yellow.. I used cotton to dab the colors on to the paper..

I took a black marker a wrote a verse in the Bible "God blessed them saying.. Be fruitful and multiply". Then I added glitter to the letters.. 

Finally.. Yeah! I learned how to make flowers.. Pretty?? ;) 

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April 16, 2012

Stencil 2

I'm here with another card that I made today. This is the stencil I made using a hole punch.. The color is Pearl Peach and its from Hobby Ideas Acrylic paint..


I used pink color textured card base, the cream one is a handmade paper and I stamped on it with a flower stamp and the ribbon is from my stash.. the sentiment is handwritten..

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See you again and Thank you for stopping by.. :)

April 15, 2012


I'm entering this into BCG#6- A Recipe .. I'm entering this in last min jus left only 2h 10m..

I made those chipboard butterfly stickers.. The ribbon is a decorative ribbon and I bought it from a local store and the sentiment is from krafter's kart.. 

Thank you...

April 13, 2012


I really dont know how to work with stencils.. but now I know how to play with them.. I made a few stencils for myself..

I took a thick paper and I have drawn grass like thing with the pencil.. The little butterfly stencil is from my stash and the big butterfly and the flower stencils are punched out from butterfly and flower craft punches respectively.. I started this work at 3:00 pm and finished at 6:45pm.. Really a mess.. I messed up my hands, dress and my work area cos this is my first stencil work..
Here is my work...

I made this photo frame (3D ???).. I used rainbow decorative tape on the outside of the frame.. The paint which I used for the grass, flowers and butterflies is from Hobby Ideas acrylic paint.. 

I felt that something was missing in this.. what I did was I took pink, green, blue and yellow color pens and just gave the shade to the flowers, grass and butterflies.. Then I added buttons, glitter and bling.. :) and the sentiment is hand written.. 

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...Thank You...

April 10, 2012

Happy Birthday

I made this simple birthday card for my friend.. I love it cos its so simple.. Okay.. I used some textured pink card base, the patterned paper and ribbon are from my stash.. I made the scallop edged circle, I have drawn a circle with the compass and then I gave the scallop things and then I cut it..Used some puffy stickers.. The sentiment is from Krafter's kart.. Let's see the card..

I'm entering this into Love to create challenge_Birthday..
Hope you are having fun..