September 2, 2019


Hi everyone! Welcome back, how you are doing?


It's been a while since I played with Camlin Brush Pens. I have made a video for creating backgrounds with brush pens and you can watch the video here. So today I wanted to try something new or a different watercolor technique with these pens today.

The technique is simply apply the colors and then add water. That's when the magic happens! All the colors mix together and give a beautiful result. I think I've seen a video but I'm not sure or am I just assuming?? Please, if you come familiar or come across to a video like this, leave the link below..

To die-cut the dies I used my sweet tiny SideKick Machine by Sizzix. I adhered all the die-cuts over the card front with Tacky Glue once they are dry.

I also painted the ground as I don't want my plants to float in the air. I felt the card was missing something so the black splatters. The sentiment stamp was from Catherine Pooler Designs called Pineapples and Smiles. 


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  1. LOVE this card; thanks for giving detailed instructions.