March 26, 2018


When I first started my crafty journey I had no stamps or inks! I dreamt of stamps, inking them and stamping and etc. Oh! I would never forget those days! And now I have a very decent amount of stamps and inks and other supplies which I never dreamt of and I am very grateful to GOD for all his blessings and I am thankful to all the lovely and beautiful people who had filled my stash with their beautiful RAKs :)

When I don't have any DT or GDT or other commitments I doodle to relieve my stress levels. Not a little doodling, a lot. I always carry heavy weight white card stocks and pouch full of coloring mediums with me where ever I go. I first start with a pencil, then trace it with black permanent marker and then color it in with my favourite coloring medium.

Inspiration is everywhere! I easily get inspired by everything! LOL! I write down my ideas, sketches, colors and inspiration in a book and then I implement it on my cards. A few work and a few doesn't!

I love being simple and my simplicity reflects on my cards. This time I tried a little Calligraphy too. My husband is my best critic, as soon as he saw it, he said 'wow! good job'. So he liked my calligraphy skills (hehe) too. And I was like 'meh' (just kidding)

Once the doodling and coloring part was done, I fussy cut all the images and place in a book or in a box. Whenever I feel like 'no mojo or bored or depressed' I open the book/box and lay them on my desk and watch them for few minutes. I appreciate myself for the job that I've done! LOL! Sometimes we have to love ourselves, encourage ourselves, appreciate ourselves and push ourselves, Right?

I watch a lot of YouTube videos! My favourite thing to do while watching videos is doodling or embroidering. The lady who constantly inspires me is Sea Lemon and this wood pattern idea was from hers!

I am very fond of fox images, I don't know why!? When I was a kid I very much loved seeing the books and cartoons which had Scandinavian Patterns and Russian Folk Art designs. That impact had on me and till date if I see something like that my heart just skips! LOL..

Hmmn.. I think that's enough for today, LOL! So these are 100% HANDMADE CARDS and I love making them! :D

I hope you like these cards. If you want to see more like this let me know, I would like to share with you!

Thank you for visiting! :)


  1. very cute Deepti...and I loved this chatty post :)

  2. Very beautiful cards Deepti. .love the doodling :)