October 4, 2013

My First Jabong Online Shopping Experience..

Hello everyone, Hope you guys are doing good. Well.. I received a gift voucher from Jabong.com. I received the parcel too a few weeks back. I thought of writing my shopping experience as soon as I receive the parcel, unfortunately, my Father-in-law was very sick and was hospitalized. He was in ICU for 6 days. He struggled a lot.. God!! It was just like hell.. Unfortunately, he left his last breathe in the hands of my husband. Hmmn.. yes.. He passed away on 22nd of September. After the funeral we were forced to stay in my uncle's (FIL) native place, it's a very very remote village where there is no access to internet..

Yesterday I came to my place with high temperature, body pains and cold. As soon as I reached my house the first thing I did was I took the snap of Jabong Parcel. I ordered a few coffee mugs and cups for my family members. Here is the pic of the parcel...

Beautiful packing!! Love it..

Here are the mugs/cups

I love these cups.. :D

Three things I like about Jabong.com

1. Lovely packing
2. Beautiful Stuff
3. Very prompt services.

It was an awesome experience with Jabong.com online shopping. So guys! give it a try and I'm sure you'll like the shopping experience. To experience some shopping fun visit Jabong.com.

Thank you..


  1. Hi Deepti !! So sorry to hear about your father-in-law. May his soul RIP. Extending my prayers for your family.

    About Jabong, I totally agree with you. I placed my first order a few days back and was amazed by the prompt and efficient services and packaging. :) Beautiful cups you have there.

  2. Deepti, my prayers for your father in law !! may he rest in peace!!

  3. Hi Deepti, sorry to hear about your loss. May his soul rest in peace.

    I too got a gift voucher from Jabong and I bought a set of cushion covers. Your coffee mugs look pretty!

  4. Hi Deepti, sorry to hear about your FIL. May his soul RIP. Be strong and take care of urself 2 gurl!! Love n Hugs

  5. hi deepti, feel sorry about your FIL. may his soul rest in peace. Take care and thanks for the review dear

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