January 7, 2022



Self-doubt is one of the biggest enemies in my life. I used to self-doubt myself all the time like can I do it? or do I have to go there? am I beautiful? have I dressed properly? can I speak up? and list goes on. Because of this 'self-doubt' I've lost so many beautiful, lovely and valuable moments in my life. Unfortunately, I've shut the doors of opportunity which is ridiculous!

So this New Year I've decided to enjoy each and every moment of my life, take the opportunities that are at my door step and never have self-doubt because self-doubt ruins and kills everything. And this my first post for 2022 and I wish you all a very Happy and Blessed New Year. :)

Yes! I'm the child of God and I've created in His image. If God doesn't have self-doubt why should I ?

So this Junk Art Page is all about 'I am worth more than my self-doubts'. I made this page with scraps. And this art is something new to me!

I hope you like it. <3

Entering for Simon's Wednesday and Monday Challenges where the theme is 'Something New'