June 12, 2017

DIY | Backdrops for your projects

Today I am not here with a post related to card making but it's beyond that! It's all about making beautiful backdrops for my cards/projects. I saw a few sites selling beautiful backdrops for your projects, I had an itch to buy those but I managed to convince myself by saying you have paper, water colors, paint brushes and other supplies - why not Do It Yourself. :) So I pulled out the supplies and created a few backdrops for my projects :D It is such a satisfactory thing to do it yourself when you can and save that money for other purposes!

Materials I used
Here are the backdrops I made using the above supplies! I have already shared a couple on social media. If you are not following me there yet make sure to follow so that you won't miss any of the updates (you can find the links in the side bar) :)

I may paint a few more in future but I am not sure at the moment! ;) And I am planning for a giveaway too so keep an eye on this page ;)

How to make these Backdrops more sturdier :

For this you'll need
Simply apply the glue or Mod Podge onto the card board and adhere the backdrop design over it. Let it dry completely. Then apply very gentle and light stokes of  Mod Podge with a foam brush over the design. This seals the design, add a beautiful shine and the design lasts longer. 

I hope you liked my tiny attempt at creating my own backdrops. If you have any questions or suggestions kindly leave me a comment below. Thanks for visiting :)


  1. Beautiful I love them :) Waiting to see how will you use them :)
    And please post a tutorial for the backdrop creation if possible :D

  2. Thanks :) I will try this too. Yours looks amazing. My cousin makes her own backdrops too.

  3. Clever idea...Beautiful designs...Loved absolutely what your shared here!! Thank you!

  4. Cool idea to create a backdrop !