August 5, 2013

Please Vote For These Entries

Hello everyone! Thank you so so much for playing along with my fun celebrations. 26 entries oh wow and you know what It's really hard to choose a winner cos all entries are beautiful! My sister helped me in finding these 4 entries stunning.. I'm pulling my hair and scratching my head cos all 4 are wonderful but I'm unable to select a winner..:(

So guys! Please vote and help me!!!

1. Hussena
2. Indira
3. Varshita
4. Tanvi

Please send your votes to

As soon as the voting process is done I shall announce the Winner and Runner up (already selected)..

Last Date : 6th of August, 4:00 PM (IST)

Yesterday was my birthday and I had a very great time with my family. Myself and hubby went out for shopping and we had a wonderful dinner together. So.. I came home very late and couldn't finish the winner's post. Hope my apology is accepted.. :)

Ok.. Have fun.. ;)


  1. Oh i jus saw the entried u have linked, fabulous...... definetely tough to select..... Hussena, tanvi and indira, hav done a great job...... Here i would like to vote for TANVI....

    i am feeling so proud to getting in the vote with great crafters like hussena and Indira.....

    My belated bday wishes again Deepti...

  2. Hi Deepti,
    Belated Birthday wishes to you. All the 4 entries are amazing. Also mailed you my vote :)

  3. Wow !! This is a pleasant surprise ..So happy to be selected as one of the finalist I am in such fab company :) ...I really loved all their work !
    And happy to know you had a great time yesterday :)

  4. Happy belated birthday, Deepti. You kept it a secret...naughty! Sending you my vote in a sec.
    xxx Asha
    Sunny Summer Crafts

  5. Wow this is great! I went through all the creations linked to your challenge and did not imagine I stood a chance to be in top 4!! Thanks a lot!! Congratulations Tanvi! Well deserved.