August 26, 2013

More CAS!

How's my new look and the new title?? I'm loving it!! I created a page on facebook, please hit like if you really wanna help and show love. 
'If you love someone show it'.
Okay! Here are my few CAS cards!

See you.. :)


  1. beautiful cards deepti, new bg design to your blog well suits, i am listing down my doubts to check it with you on many craft tools/ inks.

  2. cool design and template, Deepti!!

  3. Loved your splasy template Deepti ! I had liked these cards since I saw them on swap post !The one with straw technique is my favorite !

  4. These are all really cute and fun!

  5. Hi Deepti ! I loved all of your cards. And the best thing I like about your creations is that they are not too much detailed and over-the-top yet they are so attractive. Great work.

  6. I ;ove all your cards Deepti, but my favourite is the embossed one

    Bev :)