Birthday Goodies from Aarti Wong..

by - Thursday, August 23, 2012

Yesterday morning I received a stuffed packet from Aarti.. :)

After opening the package I was really thrilled, excited and surprised and really no words..
Let's see the goodies..

And a lovely card from her.. :)

Love all the things Aarti..:) Thanks a lot dear!! May our dear Lord bless you..

See you guys!!

Have fun ;)

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  1. So nice! Btw..when is your bday??? yesterday or today?

  2. Mine is 7th march... :) And belated Happy Birthday dear :D :p

  3. Hey Deepti, glad you received it... I was afraid - it might get lost in the mail. Am glad you liked it too. You are so creative, am sure you will enjoy using those stamps. God bless!!

  4. Wow nice craft goodies and a very Happy birthday to you ..i think i am a bit late in wishing but nevertheless it 's the wishes that count na :)

  5. Many happy returns of the day dear..very amazing goodies !! have fun crafting with them !!