Use your Scraps..

by - Wednesday, July 11, 2012

I found a few scraps on my desk while cleaning.. I made a card using those scraps.. :)

All cards, except wood grain paper, red paper, are Fabriano card stocks..
Well.. here is my card!!

I'm entering this card into Lia stampz and the theme is, luckily, 'Use your Scraps'.. :)
Ok guys!! See you again..
And Hey!! I forgot to ask you one thing!!
Do you use your scraps to make a card??

Have Fun ;)

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  1. Super combi..I love the way you design the cards..i love to make cards too..:)

  2. Oh wow you have used those scraps wonderfully...i totally love the idea and your design...and yes i do use my scraps in my card's but nowhere as innovatively as you have done !!!