November 3, 2017


Hello everyone! Today I have a fun post to share with you all. As my hubby is down with Dengue Fever, I don't have enough time to craft. So all I'm doing was sitting next to him, doodle and water color. This way I can spend more time with him and have a noise free house.. LOL.. I have shared all these doodles on my Instagram feed but I wanted to share here too :)

I didn't use any traditional water color paper instead I used Iris card stock. I got a little frustrated when the water color was applied first to the paper because the water was not soaking into the paper but I liked how the water took some time to merge into the paper. I am quite impressed with the result! Such a cool cartoony effect which I love the most :)

To doodle my images, I use a regular CD marker which is easily available in the market. Once the penciling part was done, I'll go ahead and doodle again on those pencil marks with this marker.

To erase all those pencil lines I used a regular eraser.. See.. I don't use any fancy material at all..

I must say, I invested a little in water colors and yet I need to buy a few more. But I am quite happy with my Koi water colors. So all I want to say is 'I am a beginner, I love what I am doing and I never stop to learn and experiment' ;) Thanks for visiting!

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  1. Awesome work! Your artwork certainly doesn't look like you are a beginner. Hope your hubby is better soon! Thanks for sharing your special creativity! :-)