DIY_Magic Slate

by - Sunday, October 28, 2012

Hello friends!!
How's your Sunday??

Well.. I made a 'Magic Slate' for a little girl.. :) Her school re-opens tomorrow (dussehra holidays are over rt??) Just to divert her mood (she's crying cos tomorrow she has to go to school) I made this.. :D
When I was a little girl I used to cry like hell, and in my school I had a nick name 'Regularly Irregular'.. LOL.. :D

Anyway here is the thing with a small tutorial.. :)

Take a card board..

Glue it and adhere with your favourite color paper.. :)

Now take a cello tape and adhere on to the paper horizontally or vertically.. Instead of cello tape you can use cellophane gift wrap or any nice quality cover..

Embellish it and that's it our Magic Slate is ready.. :)

You can jot what ever you like and the cleaning is also simple.. :)

Take a tissue paper and wipe it.. :)

Hope you all had fun watching my creation.. See you again.. :)

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Have Fun ;)

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  1. He he
    thats cute
    Thanks for entering with us @ beyond Grey challenges

  2. this idea.


  3. This is really the idea...Thanks for sharing :)

  4. creative idea :)
    Thanks for sharing and playing on BGC :)

    gud luck